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Carolyn J. Stahl: Principal
Mount Hermon School 1918-1929

"I believe that any great task van be accomplished but the excise of boundless faith, mush intercessory prayer and ceaseless work," Carolyn J. Stahl: Principal --1918-1929

Miss Stahl also belonged to the Women's Foreign Missionary Society and came to India in 1893 as a member of the Methodist Church in Calcutta. Her tenure at the school as Principal dates back from 1914, though she did assist Miss Knowles from as early as 1900.

By 1914 the strain of too much hard work began to tell on Miss Knowles and she was persuaded to give up active service. Instead she decided to remain on in India till February 1915 to observe the development of the school.

Did you know that in 1914 the school nearly closed down? This came about due to a severe shortage of funds. The school needed more room badly and Miss Stahl wrote for 13,000 dollars from the WFM.S. but since they couldn't raise the amount at short notice they wanted her to shut down the school. This she did not do, but succeeded in persuading the Government Education Department, to see the necessity of a school like this in Darjeeling and the importance it played in the role of education. It was the only nonconformist school in the hills of Bengal.